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Saturday, February 12, 2011

only mostly dead

Swan songs away, guys. Looks like this blog has met its end. It has been a fun run, and I will keep this on-line and always (or for as long as the host-site is running/as long as I am not running for office somewhere) hold this little eBook of sorts dear, as fond memories I had in the first 2 years and change in Tokyo, Japan. In the beginning, I had finally created a blog with a real, easy-to-understand purpose: documenting my transition into life in a new country. Previous attempts had included whiny, emo poetry, personal rants and more whiny poetry. (See sidebar on right for less whiny poetry) Perhaps the reason it has stopped is, well, the transition is complete. I'm used to life here. Things now aren't about buying dish detergent and mistakenly using it for body wash, or other quirky fresh-blood new-gaijin(foreigner)-on-the-street stories like that. I'm another strange face in the Tokyo landscape, undeniably out of place yet settled into his niche and routine. And the personal things I once spilled across blackscapes in electronic ink don't feel like they need to be spilled anymore. Without the motivation for this labor of love, it's going on the virtual shelf once and for all: 10 "chapters," and a part of my life which changed me forever. I love you on some days Japan, hate you on others, but even at your worst you blow away my old life in East Greenbush, New York. Here I am someone, I've found this new work, new friends, new msuic and a new life with more success than I would have ever thought possible.

Escape accomplished.

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Kyle Akuma said...

It definitely was a great run Ben. It was great to watch how you got acclimated. Luckily your facebook is way more active!